Márton Bene

Márton Bene
Download CV Senior Research Fellow (TK PTI)
Research Interests

Political communication, social media

Selected Publications

Bene Márton (2018): Post Shared, Vote Shared: Investigating the Link Between Facebook Performance and Electoral Success During the Hungarian General Election Campaign of 2014. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 95(2), 363-380.

Szabó Gabriella - Ov Cristian Norocel – Bene Márton (2018): Media Visibility and Inclusion of Radical Right Populism in Hungary and RomaniaProblems of Post-Communism (online first). 

Bene Márton (2017): Go viral on the Facebook! Interactions between Candidates and Followers on Facebook during the Hungarian General Election Campaign of 2014. Information, Communication and Society 20(4): 513-529.

Bene Márton (2017): Influenced by Peers: Facebook as an Information Source for Young PeopleSocial Media + Society, 3(2), 1-14.

Bene Márton (2017): Sharing is Caring! Investigating Viral Posts on Politicians' Facebook Pages during the 2014 General Election Campaign in Hungary. Journal of Information Technology and Politics, 14(4): 387-402.

Research Projects

Political Communication in Hungary 1990-2015.

Political Communication on Facebeook